rebellion will continue only as long as those cowards have asanctuar.y, a place where their pilots can relax and their machines can be repaired. Tagge objected. I beg to differ with you, Romodi. I think the construction ofthis station has more to do with Governor Tarkin s bid for personal power andrecognition Microsoft Certification than with any justifiable military strategy. Within the Senate the rebelswill continue to increase their support as long The sound of the single doorway sliding aside and the guards snapping toattention cut him off. His head turned, as did everyone else s. Two individuals as different in appearance as they were united in Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure objective hadentered the chamber. The nearest to Tagge was a thin, hatchet faced man with hairand form borrowed from an old broom and the expression of a quiescent piranha.The Gra.nd Moff Tarkin, Governor of numerous outlying Imperial territories, wasdwarfed by broad, armored bulk of Lord Darth Vader. Tagge, unintimidated but subdued, slowly resumed his seat as Tarkin assumedhis place at the end of the conference table. Vader stood next Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure it exam to him, a dominatingpresence behind the Governor s chair. For a minute Tarkin stared directly at Tagge,then glanced away as if he had seen nothing. Tagge fumed but remained silent. As Tarkin s gaze roved around the table a razor thin smile of satisfactionremained frozen in his features. The I

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70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure

June 2018