DJ Poeta

Poeta is a popular speaker on one and only HipHop radio Spin, where he broadcasts every afternoon. You can also listen to his live sets. As a club DJ, he played in a major Prague clubs and performs throughout the country. His colour sets include RnB, Dancehall, Moombah, Funk, Trap, simply everything that keeps the floor in motion. DJ Poeta is a king of all the ladies. He is popular by making ladies move their hips all night long. Poeta is supported by Jägermeister and RedBull.


DJ Ondrash

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Ondrash has been DJing for few years, playing styles like Hip-Hop, RnB, Raggae, Moombathon, Trap, Bass. Currently lives in Prague. Besides Djing, he is working on producing of own music and mixtapes, and after all he loves traveling. His biggest success was to participate in the major competition of RedBull Music 3Style National Champ as a Champion of the Czech Republic. He also became vice-champion at DMC competition.


DJ Dobrin

Dobrin also known as DoB, is a native of Bulgaria, where he spent his childhood, but he has been living and working for over 10 years here, in Prague. He is professionally involved in musical production, DJing and sound post-production. Among the personalities with whom he has collaborated significantly appear names such as Rytmus, Ego, Čis T, yzomandias, Boyana, Chris Rivers. Dobrin is part  of the studio Startouch media, Chop Down records and the Wet Job Dopeartment production team. You can listen to his work in the most Hip-Hop clubs In Prague, where you can recognize him in a mix of dancing RnB and darker Trap sound.

DJ Tricky V

Tricky V has been DJing for 5 years. He likes to play old school Hip-Hop and RnB with a Latin vibe. His passion for music first appeared when he worked as a dancer on the Canary Islands. Since then he has started working on develop a career in the music industry. He play many different styles (RnB, Hip-Hop, Latino, House, EDM) and he likes to create unique mixes and styles.


DJ Norbert Ronin

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Norbert Ronin is a music producer/DJ born and raised in east Slovakia. He made his first touch with the music when he was 16 years old. His playing and creating style is based on energic vibes, bouncy sounds and heavy drums. He is sticking with the newschool Hip-Hop the most. Norbert also play piano and has graduated 7 years of art school. He has worked with top Slovak & Czech artists like Rytmus, Separ, Pil C, Aless, W518 etc. He has created songs with millions of views with them, has played a lot of shows as their performance DJ. Norbert Ronin also opened the biggest Hip-Hop festivals in Slovakia like Hip Hop Žije, Doublefest, etc.